Welcome To Living Seeds
We have a unique business model. We are Sierra Leone's leading manufacturer of industrial workwear. But we also operate one of the nation's most effective and innovative vocational training schools. The two integrate closely with each other to provide a dynamic and realistic learning environment. We're also developing other exciting concepts.

Our aim is to produce quality graduates, because quality people produce quality goods and services. We don't
just train in vocational skills, we take a holistic approach that seeks to develop and nurture each individual, so they can flourish and become all they were meant to be. Our focus is on those who have missed out on educational opportunities, or need a second chance in life, helping them to rise up and equip themselves.

Our School

Our Vocational Training School seeks to teach, empower and enable our students in a caring environment.
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  • Made In Sierra Leone

    All our garments are manufactured locally in Sierra Leone in our own factory.

  • Our Fashion Shops

    Our Fashion & Tailoring Shops offer a new and exciting experience for shoppers in Sierra Leone.

  • Our Workwear

    We manufacture a range of high quality workwear garments to order.

  • The SeedFLOW System

    Our SeedFLOW Production System helps ensure that we deliver great quality garments to our customers.

  • Bespoke Design

    We can design unique workwear garments to match your exact requirements.

  • Hot Press Logos

    Our in-house Hot Press service delivers high-quality logos and lettering on your garments.

  • Embroidered Logos

    Our in-house embroidery service can personalise your garments with logos and lettering.

  • The Living Seeds Advantage

    We offer many advantages over other workwear suppliers.

  • We Provide Opportunity

    We provide opportunities for young people to train in a skill and earn a living.

  • Specialist Fabrics

    We can supply garments with specialist technical fabrics for hazardous conditions.

Great Design
Great garments begin with great design. So we take immense care over the design of our garments.

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Great Quality
We are well known for our excellent quality that delivers long-lasting garments.

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Great Value
Our garments aren't the cheapest, but they do offer great value for money.

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